Jazzmaster Style Kit.

All Japanese manufacture. This complete kit features a 3 piece alder Jazzmaster body routed but not sanded, with either a one piece vintage specification maple Jazzmaster neck (as pictured above) or with a rosewood fretboard vintage spec. Jazzmaster neck. The neck fine sanded and ready for spraying. Quality Gotoh vintage style hardware with Japanese pickups and electronics. The pickguard is pre-wired with only the pickup wires to be soldered during assembly. This kit comprises the same top quality parts we sell individually on other pages, with excellent Japanese made electrics instead of the U.S. pots, custom wound pickups etc. we offer elsewhere.

The complete rosewood neck kit comes in one box with assembly instruction booklet. The complete maple neck kit in 2 parcels with assembly instruction booklet.

The supplier has been forced to discontinue these all Japan kits, so only a few of these kits available, then gone for good.

Jazzmaster kit with maple neck $795

Jazzmaster kit with rosewood neck $825

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