Les Paul® Style Guitar kits from Japan. Top quality complete kits with flame maple body cap, Gotoh stop tail, Gotoh tune-o-matic and Gotoh 'Kluson'tuners, plus all Japanese electronics. Ready for finishing and assembly. These are the business ...

$595 for the boxed kit complete.

Full details below the pictures ...

Les Paul® Style Guitar Kit. Made in Japan.

This high quality guitar kit features :

Mahogany body with flame maple cap (Flame maple veneer over plain maple) and single top edge binding.

Mahogany neck with bound rosewood fretboard and pearloid markers.

Gotoh GE101Z Stop Tail in Nickel.

Gotoh GE103B-T Tune-o-matic in Nickel.

Gotoh SD90 Vintage Kluson Style Tuners in Nickel with greenish 'Keystone' buttons.

Complete Japanese Electronics. That's a set of excellent Japanese manufactured 'open' black bobbin humbuckers plus the pots, toggle switch, cap, jack socket and wiring loom.

Gold Bell Knobs and Ivory Plastic Parts.

Each kit comes complete and boxed with instructions.

Only $595

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Ok. We had our favourite luthier put one of these together for us (see pic below).

And the verdict - a top guitar. The body and neck joints are expertly machined for a perfect fit and neck angle. Both body and neck are fine sanded and ready for spraying. You will have to final shape the headstock yourself, and if you want a headstock facing you will have do that too - but hey, they have to leave you something to do. The frets were spot on and needed no dressing and the final set up was a doddle. Nice light weight for a Paul and a great sounding guitar with quality hardware. What more could you want?

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