All neckplates are standard "Fender®" size dimensions and each plate is supplied with four U.S. thread screws. Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.

Plain neckplate.

Chrome (comes with chrome screws)

Nickel (comes with nickel plated screws)


Plain Gold neckplate. Comes with gold screws.


Plain Chrome finish 3 bolt neckplate. Comes with chrome screws.


Genuine Fender® 3 Bolt Micro Tilt '70's "F" neckplate. Chrome.


Gotoh NBS-3ACS neckplate in factory relic chrome finish. Comes with relic neck screws.


Genuine Fender® 4 Bolt '70's "F" neckplate. Chrome. Comes in Fender® packaging with 4 chrome screws.


Numbered Neckplates. Vintage style steel neckplate with stamped serial number. An accurate reissue of the original vintage numbered plates. Individually stamped then nickel finished (for "L's and earlier), chrome finish for the Fender® 'F' plates. Just about out of the plain numbered plates, mainly chrome'F' plates (1965-73) left. Just indicate the desired year with order.

$55 for nickel finish plates

$85 for chrome finish Fender® 'F' plates

Greasy Groove "Custom" etched neckplate in Chrome. Chrome screws.


Greasy Groove "Voodoo" etched neckplate in Gilt.

$40 On Sale now $20

Greasy Groove "Voodoo" etched neckplate in Chrome.

$35 On Sale now $25

Greasy Groove "Custom Shop USA" etched neckplate in Chrome.


Fender® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Fender Australia Pty. Ltd. Ace Guitar Parts is not in any way affiliated with either of these companies.


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