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Double Edge Nut Slotting File Set. Set of 3 files and six gauges. Two gauge sets available:

Set 1:.016 - .055 (.016/.042, .026/.050 & .036/.055)

Set 2:.010 - .046 (.010/.026, .013/.036 & 017/.46)

Best quality and made in Japan. The set comes in a plastic wallet.

$150.00 per set

Set of 10 Gauged Nut Slotting Files. Best quality professional nut slotting files, made in Japan. A full set of double edge files in the following gauges : .010, .013, .016, .024, .028, .032, .036, .042, .046, .056. Set comes in a clear plastic storage tube.

$240.00 per set

Fret Crowning Files. Set of 3 fret files. Best quality and made in Japan. The set comprises double edge fret files in three sizes : 1.Small (radius 1 mm.) 2.Medium (radius 2 mm.) and 3.Large (radius 3mm.). Each file comes in a plastic wallet.

$195 Complete set of 3


$65 for a single No. 2 Medium fret file (which is the most often used, suitable for the typical range of electric and acoustic guitar frets).

Hosco Guitar Nut Cube

A 5 in 1 guitar multi-tool which can be used to tighten or loosen nuts and bushes for tuners, toggle switches,and pots.

This 30 mm x 30 mm x 30 mm stainless steel cube can be used for both inch and metric nuts. Made in Japan.

A handy little tool for the workshop or to throw in with the gig gear.


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