Wilkinson VSVG Tremolo. Trev Wilkinson's redesign of the traditional strat tremolo, replicating the size, weight and materials of the original '54 Leo Fender design, with improved sustain and tuning stability. The major problem with the original bridge is that the 6 holes and 6 screws can bind in use, creating bad tuning stability. The VSVG's unique knife-edge makes 5 of the holes into elongated slots so it is impossible for the bridge to bind. The 6th hole is retained as normal so lateral position on the guitar is retained. The bent steel saddles replicate that vintage 'sparkle', but lock in place for enhanced tone transfer and sustain, and the height adjustment screws are recessed giving the bridge a smooth feel. The steel block has a redesigned staggered string hole pattern to achieve a more consistent angle over the saddle's intonation point, further assisting tuning stability.

Comes with all the kit - tremolo arm, mounting screws, claw and springs, allen keys and intonation screw.

Gold finish $195



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