Brierley '50's Humbucker Set.

Mick's moderate output version of the classic PAF set. The deliberately mismatched coils are wound with vintage type plain enamel wire and the long alnico magnet that's used in these pickups is custom made to Mick's specs. and is based on a vintage formula. 5-40 nickel plated fillister head screws are used, as are vintage type long leg nickel silver bases, wooden spacers, custom machined pole shoes and custom made slugs.

Available as open coil in cream and black (as pictured above), with nickel covers or gold covers (pictured below), also with chrome covers to order.

Killer hand wound humbuckers from Mick Brierley

Open humbuckers $369 per set

Nickel covers $409 per set.

Gold Covers $429 per set.

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