Brierley '68 Telecaster set. These pickups are based on late 60's Tele specs. Grey bottom fibre used on the bridge pickup as on the originals, wound with Plain Enamel wire with the bridge wound to approx. 6.2k and the neck to 6.8k. The bridge is reverse wound for hum cancelling. The pickups are hand scatter wound and the completed pickups are wax potted in a paraffin wax/beeswax mix. Set comes complete with screws and springs.

This set has great clean tone with lots of clarity and note definition. A killer set for cleaner playing, but also responds well to pedals without losing your top end. Troy Cassar-Daley recently upgraded his Masterbuilt Nocaster to a set of these '68's. He tells us they are business. A-B'd with his original '56 he cannot pick the difference except the old '56 is a bit microphonic.

$259 per set.

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